The 5th transnational meeting in Brussels, Belgium, December 17-19, 2018

The fifth transnational meeting was held in Brussels in December 2018. All the partners were present and the partners had a chance to get new ideas for their own cafes as each partner presented their innovative approaches they have developed. The last parts needed for the hand book were discussed and the English version of the handbook will be online within a couple of weeks. After that, the partners will need to translate the handbook to their native languages. This will be the last output of the project.

The language cafes are working well in all the countries, the Language Voices phone app is ready, a lot of material has been created in 13 languages and the handbook is almost ready.

Belgium has started a second language cafe specifically for women. This together with child care is a place for refugee women to also have the chance to practice the language and socialize without men being present.

Spain has established 4 language cafes in different towns in Andalucía.

Turkey has thematic weeks, movies, games, culture and traditions all including discussions and debates.

The Netherlands have started language cafes in prisons as a pilot project to find out if the language cafes also will work in this environment.

Italy is working with US universities, so their dissemination goes transatlantic as well.

Sweden offers each week “fika” (coffee and buns) at their Swedish for foreigners meetings, which has been very appreciated by the participants.